Support When A Loved One Struggles with Addiction

A loved one struggles with addiction– this could be your partner, your father, your grandparent, your child…. addiction could be to alcohol, work, or a list of other things. Addiction is so common, yet it is not often openly talked about. And it affects the people who are living with or related to the person struggling. Addiction is a disease, it is not a choice. There is often major unknowing around addiction and how it has affected other people. Denial is common, even if there is awareness of addiction.

I am here to support you, whether you have been aware of the addiction for years or you are just discovering its affects. I am also able to offer assistance whether or not you live with the addict or whether the addict is still living. I support you through a combination of energy work and conversation, practices, and self-care. I can also help through private Reiki sessions and the class An Energetic Perspective on Addiction.

You do not have to do this alone. You deserve support, self-care and healing. I am here to support you, without judgment and with deep understanding.