Set up your Encapsulation Now

I want to encapsulate my placenta- what do I do now?  

I try to make this process as easy as possible for you, as I know there are so many different things to plan and think about around the birth of your baby.

1. Contact me through email at and I will send you the contract and more information.  Call me if you still have questions at 301-741-0211.

2. Print your contract, sign it, and bring it with you with your cooler to the hospital/birth center. Pay the full amount ($230, which includes pick up and drop off) through this PayPal link or with cash or check (to Tekla Ayers) when I pick up the placenta from you.

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3. You will contact me when you are in labor and then once the baby is here so I know the placenta is ready for pick up.  (Hopefully partner, doula or friend will be the one taking care of this!)

4. If birthing at birth center or hospital, include a small cooler and 2 gallon-sized zip-lock bags as part of your “birth bag”.  If you cannot put the placenta in a refrigerator, place it in the cooler on ice. I will pick it up in your cooler.

5. I will pick up placenta, hopefully within 12 hours of the birth depending on the time of day baby arrives.

6. I will deliver the prepared capsules to your home within 48-72 hours.

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