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I am here to help you move your energy and give you the guidance to heal yourself, using a bit of conversation, intuitive readings, Reiki, chakra balancing and clearing, and the wisdom of Mother Earth and the five elements.  I offer sessions in person and distance- over the phone, where you can be in Maryland and still receive the benefits of a healing session!

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Call or text me if you have any questions 301-741-0211. I offer sessions in person from my home M-Th and A Moms Space on Fridays. You can also book your session as a distance session, over the phone. If you schedule a distance session, you can be in the comfort of your own home and not have to travel. You can even be in a different state or time zone! Each session lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.

Online scheduling – in person or distance Tuesdays-Thursdays at my home Reiki space or Fridays at A Moms Space. Click the link to see the available time slots, request your time and you will receive confirmation.

Make the commitment to your body/mind/spirit and healing and schedule an appointment today.

1 session $80- pay here through PayPal

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4 sessions $300 (save $20)- pay here through PayPal

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Testimonial: “I have been visiting Tekla for reiki healing sessions for over 8 months now.  The experiences have been personal, profound, and positive.  My first session I was not sure what to expect.  I have taken energy healing classes in the form of Quantum Touch but reiki was new for me.  Immediately I realized I was in for a great experience.  I felt the energy moving along my body throughout the entire session and continue to do so with my current sessions.  It was late summer during my first session and towards the end Tekla started laughing (we tend to have a lot of humor together).  She said she kept getting ‘something’ and needed to mention it; grasshoppers.  I had the perfect explanation and was so intrigued she picked up on this.  One of my cats regularly hunts grasshoppers and brings them into the house for me.  It’s a family joke the I will put the grasshoppers in my kids beds and chase them around the house with them.  I cherish the ‘small moments’ I create with my family but I also keep them to myself.  Tekla has the ability to intuitively tell you what you need to hear, whether it’s something that warms and opens your heart or provides you with the guidance to continue on your path.  So many times we know what needs to be done but don’t take the initiative to tune in and do it.  I love that Tekla reconfirms so much about my intuition.  Going through my own personal struggles and confusion I have regained strength in trusting myself.  I have let go of much frustration within and am continually opening my heart.  Thank you Tekla!” ~Christine

Testimonial: “After weeks of suffering and finding nothing that helped my neck pain, I saw Tekla for some Reiki. An hour with her was the first relief I had gotten in so long and the results lasted for a few days before I began hurting again. It was an amazing and peace-filled gift of a treatment! Tekla is a powerhouse of wisdom and grace and I highly recommend working with her to heal yourself.” ~Katie