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You have heard about Intuitive Reiki with me from a friend or you have read about it here on my website– I am excited to work with you!


I offer in-person Intuitive Reiki sessions at my office in Lafayette (office is near South Boulder Road and Centaur Village Drive)- typically my hours are later afternoon/evenings on Mondays and during the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If the available appointments do not work for you, please let me know. Call or text me if you have any questions 301-741-0211.

I also offer distance Intuitive Reiki sessions over the phone- same format, same benefits- you can be in the comfort of your home and in another city (or the same city if you are sick and in bed)!

Click here to schedule your appointment– in person or distance. When you are requesting a time, simply specify distance or in-person on the “location” line.

I would love to see you more than once! It is of great benefit to you to come on a regular basis as we start moving and clearing energy! 1 session is $80, 4 for $300- Pay in person by cash or check or pay below through PayPal

1 session $80- pay here through PayPal

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4 sessions $300 (save $20)- pay here through PayPal

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“Tekla’s ability to be present and intuitive is unparalleled. Though I was a bit skeptical, I felt compelled to seek distance  intuitive Reiki with Tekla during a period of tumultuous transition. I was at a crossroads – my health was affected – my spirit was wavering – I didn’t recognize the mother I had become – I  was seeking inner peace amidst what felt like turmoil, within myself and within several relationships – Tekla supported me to move energy and emotional blocks that were not solely mine and that no longer served. What showed up was that I needed to move some energy that was my Mom’s – not mine, all of it coming from love, nevertheless was not mine to hold – was not mine to bear.

Through my work with Tekla, I left a job that I was no longer serving and that no longer served me, began yoga teacher and Reiki master training and I am now on my healing path – healing myself and others. What I experienced in Tekla’s presence was nothing short of a remarkable miracle – my entire life has shifted – for myself, my children, the greater good and for the seven generations.  

Anonymous Mama in Maryland (Mom Ready to Transform, MD)


“I have been visiting Tekla for Reiki healing sessions for over a year now.  The experiences have been personal, profound, and positive.  My first session I was not sure what to expect.  I have taken energy healing classes in the form of Quantum Touch but Reiki was new for me.  Immediately I realized I was in for a great experience.  I felt the energy moving along my body throughout the entire session and continue to do so with my current sessions.  Tekla has the ability to intuitively tell you what you need to hear, whether it’s something that warms and opens your heart or provides you with the guidance to continue on your path.  So many times we know what needs to be done but don’t take the initiative to tune in and do it.  I love that Tekla reconfirms so much about my intuition.  Going through my own personal struggles and confusion I have regained strength in trusting myself.  I have let go of much frustration within and am continually opening my heart.  Thank you Tekla!”

Christine, Colorado


“After weeks of suffering and finding nothing that helped my neck pain, I saw Tekla for some Reiki. An hour with her was the first relief I had gotten in so long and the results lasted for a few days before I began hurting again. It was an amazing and peace-filled gift of a treatment! Tekla is a powerhouse of wisdom and grace and I highly recommend working with her to heal yourself.”

Katie, Maryland