Reiki Refresher

REIKI REFRESHER-  Did you take Reiki years or even months ago, yet you have not integrated it into your life? Do you tell people “Oh yeah, I took Reiki but I don’t really use it.” Do you feel like you would like to use it but don’t have the confidence because you haven’t practiced it in awhile?

Did you learn Reiki but don’t use it because it “opened you up” energetically and it was a feeling of being out of control and being uncomfortable? Do you feel like you could use new grounding tools? I have them to share and teach you, which will give you the confidence to practice Reiki, while keeping your own energy grounded and to yourself, while not taking up other people’s energy.

You still have the Reiki Energy and I am here to provide the space to review, ask questions, and best yet, practice it with other people who are already attuned to Reiki. We will review the history, learn new grounding tools, have time for discussion and practice so you leave with the inspiration and confidence to continue your Reiki practice, or to join Reiki 2!

This class is also great for those who might even have Reiki 2 but haven’t used it in a long time or want a review of the symbols.



Just $40 for the class- from 6:30-8:30pm at A Moms Space- November 6th.






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