Reiki for Postpartum Healing

I was a postpartum doula for three years, and started integrating Reiki into my home visits- I still love to support new moms with Reiki and a listening ear, with hundreds of hours of experience working with new moms, I enjoy supporting women during this time and see the Reiki as hugely beneficial.


I still love working with new moms! This is when I was a postpartum doula. Photo by

Intuitive Reiki sessions are amazing for new moms, whether you are:

  • just returning from the hospital or birth center, feeling all the feels that come from just giving birth, not feeling very grounded or in your body
  • 4 weeks into your postpartum time and starting to feel exhausted
  • working with a postpartum doula on a regular basis and need a little extra grounding, release and balancing
  • 4 months into postpartum, baby is not sleeping, you are not sleeping, you are exhausted and feeling like you are going to lose it
  • 6 months into postpartum, you haven’t been eating well, you need a nap, yet you feel you could benefit from some energy work as well

Set up an appointment with me at my Lafayette office to help you ground and heal from birth- if baby is still sleeping well in a wrap, bring baby and I will wear baby during your Reiki session.  During your session, I will provide:

  • A listening ear to hear you process this brand new life you now have in your arms and the new life you have for your family- I will help you process your birth experience or talk about the changes that are happening between you and your partner.  I am here to listen and work with you to possibly find a new way of looking at a situation, and offer new tools, and help you let go energetically with Reiki.
  • I will wear your baby for you to give you a break from non-stop nurturing during the Reiki session.
  • I can also help to recognize if you are experiencing baby blues or may be having more postpartum mood disorders like anxiety or depression, and I can help you find more support and resources if we feel you need more support.

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