Reiki+Postpartum Doula

I offer unique and balancing Reiki + postpartum doula home visits for new moms, whether you are:

  • just returning from the hospital or birth center, feeling all the feels that come from just giving birth, not feeling very grounded or in your body
  • 4 weeks into your postpartum time and starting to feel exhausted
  • working with a postpartum doula on a regular basis and need a little extra grounding, release and balancing
  • 4 months into postpartum, baby is not sleeping, you are not sleeping, you are exhausted and feeling like you are going to lose it
  • 6 months into postpartum, you haven’t been eating well, you need a nap, yet you feel you could benefit from some energy work as well

A Reiki + Postpartum Doula visit with me is for 4 hours and during this visit, you will receive:

  • A listening ear to hear you process this brand new life you now have in your arms and the new life you have for your family- I will help you process your birth experience or talk about the changes that are happening between you and your partner.  I am here to listen and work with you to possibly find a new way of looking at a situation, and offer new tools.
  • A full one-hour Reiki session- read this blog for more info on what this is like!
  • I will hold (usually wear) your baby for you to give you a break from non-stop nurturing- you can take a relaxing shower, meditate, take a nap, and I can wear baby during your Reiki session as well.
  • There are no silly questions with me- remember everything is new!  I am here to ask those questions, and I can give you guidance, suggestions and confidence that you can do this amazingly challenging yet so very rewarding new job you have.  We can talk about diapers, nursing, bottles, spit up, gas, crying… you name it I’m here to support, listen and if I don’t have an answer can help find one or refer you to the right person or group to help!
  • I have many tools that may be considered alternative or non-Western-medicine for wellness that I use with my daughter and family-  I love using a variety of modalities, and can provide my experiences and others’ experiences with these modalities for you and your baby- food, homeopathy, herbs, infant massage and more.
  • I can do light household chores like straighten up the kitchen and house, and laundry.
  • Cooking- depending on what is best for you, I can cook a meal or two when I am there, or even prepare food to be cooked later in the week.  We can discuss your current diet and what your needs and desires are for meals. We can meal plan together and I can share ideas to keep you well-nourished.
  • I can also help to recognize if you are experiencing baby blues or may be having more postpartum mood disorders like anxiety or depression, and I can help you find more support and resources if we feel you need more support.

It may be difficult to know exactly what kind of support you are going to need, so we will discuss your needs during the first visit.

I have a large toolbox of knowledge from my own life experiences, self-study, and many different classes, and I love to share all of this knowledge with you, with a calm and healing presence.  I am good at listening to assess where you are and what your needs are, and I am here to connect you with resources and help you become confident in your new role as a parent, whether this is your first, second or third baby, each new baby brings new experiences and new unknowns.

You can book an individual home visit with me which is a 4 hour visit, including an hour Reiki session on the massage table I bring to your home, for $225, through the contact form below- or call or text. I offer these home visits on Mondays from 10am to 2pm.

I am honored to have joined Sanctuary Healing Arts in February 2016. When I moved to Colorado at the beginning of 2015, my intention was to join a doula group that was diverse, well-established, well-respected and had thoughtful, compassionate and strong leadership. I am honored to be working with Michele and the other doulas as part of a postpartum doula group, offering unique postpartum visits with Reiki. Please read more about the group on the website and set up your appointments today. You can schedule a 4 hour session + Reiki with me as part of your services with Sanctuary on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm.  If you are looking for more frequent postpartum doula care (highly recommend) it would be an excellent path for you to connect with Michele to set up a 1, 2 or 3 month plan with Sanctuary Doulas- and you can book a session with me as part of your package.

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