Private Reiki in Lafayette

I practice Reiki at A Moms Space in Lafayette on Fridays, and by appointment during the evenings. If you have never had a Reiki session, now is the time to try it out, you will not regret trying it when you walk away feeling relaxed, pampered and refreshed. A Reiki session is 60 minutes and during that time we have a brief conversation to set the intention for the session, and then you will be on the massage table, fully clothed, while I lay my hands just above your body, guiding you through a meditation to relax and ground you. During this time, the Reiki energy helps to “tell” or remind the energy in your body how to move, creating a sense of peace and wellness in your body/mind/spirit. Some people may experience warmth and energy moving, some will notice dramatic energetic and physical shifts, and all will experience relaxation and renewal. It is a time for balancing and grounding and a reminder to your body that it knows how to heal.

Reiki with Tekla (1)

60 minutes for $75. Check out huge savings here with packages.

Please call or text me at 301-741-0211 for appointments on Fridays. Appointments also available during the evenings.

During Tekla’s Reiki treatments, she lets her hands follow her profound intuition, she goes where the body needs her most. Tekla is incredibly compassionate, trustworthy and responsive. I greatly admire the important work she does and have no doubt you will LOVE working and healing with her and will benefit greatly from her many talents and offerings.“~ Tiana, doula client, yoga student, Reiki client and Reiki student

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