Reiki Classes

What is a Reiki class? Is it for me? What are some tools I will learn? Please check out the descriptions of each class and read some of my blogs if you are new to Reiki, or even if you are familiar yet on the fence about taking it with me.

I taught my first Reiki 1 class in October 2014 to an amazing and powerful group of people in Baltimore. I learned Reiki and became a Reiki Master with my Reiki teacher, Bonnie Tarrantino and my yoga teacher Nancy McPartland as part of my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  I’ve been a teacher my whole career life and was a science teacher and environmental educator for 7 years. Teaching Reiki and holding a brave space for my class, bringing in the Reiki energy and attuning the class, was clearly my calling after the teaching my first Reiki class.

I taught a few more Reiki classes in Baltimore before I moved to Colorado in January 2015. I then took a year to give myself and my family time to settle into and be grounded in Colorado then again started teaching Reiki in 2016 at A Moms Space in Lafayette, where I have also been studying and practicing intuitive work.

Since then, I have been studying intuitive healing work with Stacia Synnestvedt of The Meditating Mama and  I graduated from the year-long intuitive development and self healing program in April 2017 and will complete the year-long intuitive graduate program in April 2018. I have embraced and brought this work into my personal growth, my private Reiki sessions, and especially my Reiki classes. I infuse all of my Reiki classes with the valuable grounding and energetic boundary tools I have learned and use daily. I am now teaching Reclaim Your Space a few times a year, and co-teaching Awakened Woman with Stacia twice a year.

I am now happy to be offering Reiki classes throughout the year, usually three classes of each Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, and one Reiki 3 class- I plan on teaching Masters Training and Karuna Reiki in the near future. Anyone can learn Reiki and I invite you to join me if you have  even a bit of interest.

I offer a monthly Reiki Share, the first Monday of the month, at Left Hand Community Acupuncture, to share, practice, and receive Reiki in community.