Postpartum Support

A majority of my work is spent supporting mothers during the postpartum time and beyond. I am here to support you through this time (which is at least 2 years postpartum or longer) through Intuitive Reiki Healing sessions, at A Moms Space, my home in Lafayette, or as part of your Postpartum Doula visit. I also lead a new moms group, Moms N Babies at A Moms Space, in Lafayette, every Friday at 10am.

I am here to share valuable information about the potent healing and balancing effects of the medicinal mushroom, Reishi, or Lingzhi. It is the highest potency and highest quality product available, and I am excited to spread the word to more women. It can help balance hormones, bring back energy, improve digestion, pain and inflammation.

In the past I encapsulated placentas for women, which I still believe can be an incredibly healing addition to the postpartum time, and I am no longer preparing placentas myself. I have chosen to invest more of my time into sharing the incredible healing properties of Reishi or Lingzhi medicinal mushrooms, which can benefit women in the postpartum time and beyond. I look forward to having more time to share this valuable information with more women and families.

Through all of the work that I offer to postpartum mothers, I will:

  • help you find and connect with your community
  • give you tools to listen to your body and your intuition, even when lacking sleep
  • guide you through postpartum visits
  • provide Intuitive Reiki sessions
  • share the valuable knowledge I’ve gathered over years of study, experience and working with and being a postpartum mom.

My journey has not always been easy and life will always be changing and bring new challenges. I am here to listen and guide, encourage and be your cheerleader in this journey of motherhood. Please explore my other pages to learn more and read some of my blogs. I tend to lean toward alternative and not-so-mainstream ways of wellness, health and taking care of oneself. If you are already there or are interested in this kind of support, please contact me. I believe in the body’s power to heal, and that energy, community, and Mother Earth are key in this trust in our body/mind/spirit.



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