Placenta FAQs

What is the difference between raw and TCM preparation?

They really are two different philosophies and I suggest that you choose which one resonates more with you.  I tend to prepare more placentas raw, and it is what resonates with me personally, but I can and will prepare yours in the TCM method. The philosophy behind the raw method is that by dehydrating at a low temperature for 12-24 hours, it maintains the nutrients and hormones in the placenta. The philosophy behind TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that birth leaves an open space in the body, considered cold or yin energy.  By steaming the placenta before the dehydrating process, usually with ginger and lemongrass, it adds heat and warmth to the placenta, adding yang energy to the body.

What type of anecdotal evidence have you seen with your clients?

Instant energy boosts, decreased blood loss, moods improve immediately, increased energy and mood when pills were saved for a later time of hormonal fluctuation (nursing changes or weaning), general well-being and no postpartum depression when mama had it with previous births. Of course, there are so many factors to consider during the postpartum time, and I am not claiming that taking the placenta is the sole reason for all of the above, but my experience is, why not make the small investment and consume the organ that your body created and can improve your postpartum experience?

Why do you prepare it at your home?  Is it sanitary?  

I personally feel more comfortable preparing your placenta at my home, a place where I know how to sanitize, sterilize and prepare the work space and tools that I use throughout the process.  It is a 2-3 day process and I am able to prepare your placenta at night when my family is asleep and I am able to be focused and present on the preparation.  I consider preparing placentas to be a mindful meditation for me, and I am attentive, sending reiki to your placenta during the process.  I follow food handling and OSHA guidelines and have been trained to prepare your placenta with safe and sanitary methods. By preparing the placenta at my home, I am also able to pick up the placenta as soon as possible after the birth and get started on the processing, not having to wait until you arrive from home if at the hospital.

Why would I want to consume the organ that filters toxins from my baby?  Isn’t that toxic to me and my baby?  

This is a great question and makes sense to ask!  Yes, the placenta is a filter, removing toxins away from the baby, but it does not act like an air or water filter. It removes the waste from baby and then moves it to the mother’s kidneys so her body can dispose of them!  The placenta is rich with nutrients and hormones, not waste and toxins.  🙂


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