Placenta Encapsulation Boulder

“You ate your what?! ” I learned about placenta remedies when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2011 and placenta encapsulation was not as well-known as it is today.  At first I was grossed out, thinking of ingesting my own organ (dried, ground and in pills) but then I thought about it and learned more about it, especially since it has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other cultures, it made perfect sense. Most of the “proof” that it helps women during the postpartum time is anecdotal, and there is a lot of it, and  more scientific studies on human placentas are being done now, and some studies have been done on animals.

The placenta is an amazing organ that the pregnant woman makes, to keep her baby alive, inside her body.  Most mammals consume their own placenta after giving birth. It is an organ rich in nutrients and blood, filtering toxins and balancing hormones -what a cool organ. To use placenta pills as part of postpartum care can boost mom’s iron levels, which helps in recovery from giving birth, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that it helps balance hormone levels, therefore hopefully keeping the body/mind/spirit from going into postpartum depression, and it can help with milk supply.  Mom’s body is on a roller coaster of hormones after giving birth and producing milk, why not use the organ so full of life that your body created and connected you and your baby for 10 months?

I’ve been encapsulating placentas since July 2012 when I processed my first placenta (my niece’s!)  I am fascinated and intrigued by this amazing organ (I think it is the science teacher in me!)  Each is so different and unique… I process your placenta the raw method, and can do the Traditional Chinese Medicine method (steamed). When I do the processing I am present and send Reiki to your placenta for a little bit of extra love and healing energy. I am professionally trained in placenta encapsulation and take care to use sterile procedures.  It is a meticulous two-day process of processing the placenta, dehydrating it and then grinding and encapsulating, each placenta producing an average of 135 pills, which can vary greatly.

Contact me for more information or questions you may have.  My own experience with consuming my placenta pills is that I had an amazing recovery from giving birth, no problems or baby blues to report!

Placenta processing and encapsulation in Boulder [and the surrounding area] ~

$200 + $15 each way to transport (typically $230 total).  Discounts available with packages.

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