Is this Class for Me?

Here are some examples of people who would love this class-

Laura, 55, mother of grown children, spent most of her career as a stay at home mom and is moving into some childcare work as her children are leaving the house. She has always believed that she was intuitive, with a sense of knowing what babies and animals need to help heal. Her husband is a scientist and is skeptical, and she wishes she had more tools to explain what she feels and experiences, and wants to expand her intuition.

Sara, 39, is a registered nurse and is highly sensitive to other people’s energy. She has noticed that there must be something more to healing than what is taught in traditional Western medicine. She has always been drawn to acupuncture and massage and loves how it helps her feel more balanced. She is concerned about how drained she becomes after being with patients all day and wants to learn how to better support them and herself.

Lisa, 30, a trained pharmacist, has always been interested in alternative medicine.  She is intrigued by the fact that all medicine originally came from plants. She takes yoga and has been known to suggest to patients that they should sleep more, laugh more and take time for themselves each day to improve their recovery time. She wants to learn more about why her body feels so much better after yoga and how to explain this to others. She is also at a time in her life where she is exploring integrating her pharmacist background with alternative healing.

Paul, 40, a computer engineer and has always been fascinated by systems and how they work together, being very aware of how connected everything is energetically. This brought him to study Feng Shui and other energy healing modalities. His mother was a Reiki Master and he saw how much joy it brought his mom to help people who otherwise were struggling to heal. He has his own career path in computers, but having three young children, he continues to be fascinated with energy work and is especially intrigued by the unique offerings of this course.

Jim, 44,  is a massage therapist who has taken Reiki 1 and loved how integrating Reiki into his massage practice has improved his clients’ experience and results after a session. He has been practicing massage for 10 years and feels in a rut with his client base, yet feels invigorated when he does Reiki for his clients. He has really come to appreciate Reiki and he personally invests in weekly Reiki sessions for himself, as he feels best when his mind/body/spirit is balanced. He wants to learn more ways to integrate Reiki and other energy healing tools into his practice and share them with his clients.