Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions

  • Do you need clarity? Relaxation? To feel grounded?
  • Do you almost always wake up with some kind of anxiety? A daily feeling that you are not grounded in your body, monkey mind spinning and a hard time getting clear?
  • Are there so many things you want to do, but are still having a hard time focusing in on what you really want?
  • Perhaps you have a hard time staying present with your children because of all the chatter in your brain.
  • Maybe you get frequent headaches, backaches, tense shoulders and digestive problems. Perhaps it is a sore knee or hip that just won’t “get better”.
  • Is a loved one working (or not) on their recovery with addiction? It could be alcohol, work or their phone- it is affecting you (codependency) and you need support.


I am here to help you move your energy and give you the guidance to heal yourself, using a bit of conversation, intuitive readings, Reiki, chakra balancing and clearing, and the wisdom of Mother Earth and the five elements.  I offer sessions in person and distance- over the phone, where you can be in Maryland or elsewhere in the world and receive the benefits of a healing session! A great article that explains how distance healing works here.  Schedule now! 

During a session, we will check in with how you are in the moment at the mind/body/spirit level. You will lay on the massage table (or bed or floor if you are at home for a distance session) fully clothed, and I will use my intuitive tools and Reiki to look at your chakra energy, sharing with you what I notice. Throughout the session, the Reiki will work with your energy to balance by inviting blocks to release that do not serve and are not yours, and moving the energy through your meridians, helping to bring balance and flow to your body/mind/spirit.

I will share what I am noticing during or after the session (since you might fall asleep). I will offer cards to pull from a few decks, which will close the session with wisdom from the Universe. This wisdom is almost always validation of what came up during the session or completely relates to the person receiving, helping the energy to keep moving, and helps you in your next steps. I will also suggest practices you can do to keep your energy moving, and how to set energetic boundaries with others, so you can practice self-healing until your next session.

Reiki is a spiritual healing and balancing of energy practice that originated from Japan in the early 20th century, that anyone can learn by taking a class, and has incredible ability to move energy in a subtle yet powerful way, bringing calm, relaxation, and can bring dramatic physical and emotional shifts to the body/mind/spirit. I incorporate Reiki and intuitive practices I have learned during our sessions, and as your practitioner, I help remind the energy in your body to move as it knows it needs to and can, using the wisdom of your body and the Reiki energy. When your energy and chakras are balanced and cleared, it activates the natural healing process of your body/mind/spirit. The results can be amazing and can help a variety of different “problems” from acute pain to anxiety to tension in the body in the most gentle and effective way.

Testimonial: “After weeks of suffering and finding nothing that helped my neck pain, I saw Tekla for some Reiki. An hour with her was the first relief I had gotten in so long and the results lasted for a few days before I began hurting again. It was an amazing and peace-filled gift of a treatment! Tekla is a powerhouse of wisdom and grace and I highly recommend working with her to heal yourself.” ~Katie


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