Groups for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Prenatal yoga Boulder

Yoga of Pregnancy Group & Moms N’ Babies Group @ A Moms Space

I believe and have observed through my own pregnancy and mothering journey and the groups I have facilitated over the years that community, support and self-care are crucial to the mental stability of a woman. I hold a group for pregnant moms, infusing yoga into the class, and a new moms group weekly at A Moms Space. 

I love practicing yoga.  I love to teach yoga.  I love to hold a sacred space for women to practice yoga and support each other in community.  I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014 and my 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training in 2012.  I incorporate Reiki during adjustments in my classes if students would like this extra perk. I have taken the best of prenatal yoga and infused it into the support and community group that I have always held for pregnant moms, at a Moms Space– the place for community and healing in Lafayette.

prenatal yoga classes in  Boulder

Community is a huge part of my yoga classes

Testimonial:  When thinking about all the things I have done to prepare myself throughout my three pregnancies (reading books, childbirth classes, etc), I easily feel that attending Yoga for Moms has been the most empowering and useful of them all. It is the one place I could go to address not only my physical needs in pregnancy, but my mental and spiritual as well. The community time really served to enlighten me in a way I did not expect, and the gentle yoga practice addressed all my pregnancy related ailments. My favorite part though, is when you “graduate” you emerge ready to walk shoulder to shoulder with the community of strong mothers that have supported you through class. Truly a unique experience that should not to be missed! ~ Jillian, Yoga Student

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