Energetic Perspective on Addiction Workshop

An Energetic Perspective on Addiction: A Workshop for the Loved Ones of People who Struggle with Addiction

Upcoming workshops, each class is from 10am to 4pm: June 3, August 5, October 14, December 16, February 10. 



Please join me for a day for you, to sit with other people who understand what it is like to love someone who struggles with addiction. The class was created to provide some new perspective and techniques for people who have been affected by addiction. The day will provide discussion and teachings around energetic boundaries, and compassion vs. trying to fix. We’ll learn techniques around holding space and allowing for each individual’s healing journey, yours and others. If you are wondering if this class is for you, please read this blog.

We’ll also discuss some energetic philosophies around what happens between body and spirit for the one afflicted with addiction, and how it can affect others in their presence, giving you a new perspective which helps to understand and find compassion in your heart around the disease.

Participants will receive gentle personal care with Reiki and aura clearings at the end of the day if they wish.

Come away with mindfulness meditation techniques, a new awareness of energy and spirit, and understanding of how this helps you and your relationships. In a world where a lot of shame can come up around this topic, we will hold a brave space of anonymity and openness.

When: June 3, 201810am-4pm- class offered every-other month- see above for other dates.

Pre-register for class here.

There will be about a 1 hour lunch break, please bring a sack lunch or plan to go to a nearby restaurant.

Cost: $150- sliding scale available, especially if you are in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction or separated/divorced from someone struggling with addiction. Email me or call me to chat about sliding scale.

I will be starting a support group for those who have taken this class, to practice and share how life is showing up since taking the class and learning the tools.

Facilitated by:

Tekla C. Ayers, Luz de la Luna (you have already found my website). Tekla enjoys teaching groups using tools for self-care, like mindfulness meditation and Reiki and values the importance of people coming together to hold space and listen to each other’s experience, strength and hope, without trying to fix each other. She has been an active member of a program for people affected by the disease of alcoholism, for the past 8 years and incorporates the tools she learns from the program into her life, infusing the mindfulness and energy tools she has learned during her path of healing and growth. She brings her own experience with understanding the disease of addiction, while holding her own space and energy, being able to detach with love on an energetic level.