She Turns Into Her Other-Self While Drinking!

Her name is Shelly but when she is out drinking she turns into Sherry…

When I was working out at Kaia Fit Lafayette this morning, the conversation came up within the group about turning into someone else while drinking, while intoxicated… that people even call themselves another name. It was a light and funny conversation, yet it is so true…

People change when they are under the influence of alcohol, sometimes for the worse.

What if your partner, your parent, child or friend drinks often- and you don’t see the “real person” often? What if their “other-self” is not so fun? Do you feel like the real person is absent, not present, not available?

When your loved one is not present and not available, how does it make you feel?

If you have someone in your life who is under the influence of alcohol or any other addictive thing (oh my goodness it could be their phone, their work, marijuana) and they are not present, it may be affecting you more than you know.

You may be already aware of this and getting help to support yourself, yet it is still difficult to “detach with Love” from this person when they are not themselves and not present. The class I’m teaching on January 14, A Spiritual Perspective on Addiction, will talk about this phenomenon- and how YOU can cope. Simple tools to keep your boundaries when around the “different person”.