A Blessingway or Mother Blessing is a unlike a traditional baby shower that focuses on gifts for the baby and the arrival of baby.  It is a time of honoring mother-to-be near the end of her pregnancy, a time to gather the women in her life to give their blessings for her upcoming birth and journey into motherhood.  They are a ceremonial and celebratory time of love and laughter and true honoring and respect for the pregnant woman.

blessingway boulder

My sister’s Blessingway- I am behind her with the Mother’s Wisdom Deck, an amazing tool for moms at any stage.

I love to host Mother Blessings by organizing the honoring and holding the space for the gathering and ceremony.  I have had the honor of hosting close to a dozen Blessingways for friends and family and I have enjoyed organizing my friends to help throw the ceremony- from the invitations to the flowers, decorations and special crafts we do for the mama at the ceremony.  Having a henna artist at the Blessingway is a treat for the mom and the guests.

Blessingway Boulder

Our grandmother, giving her blessing at my sister’s Blessingway

I am here to help you organize a Blessingway- I can guide you through the process of organizing, planning and gathering supplies or I can guide you and attend the Blessingway, providing the materials and supplies, and lead the ceremony for the group of women.  I love to hold this sacred space to honor the pregnant mom, and to give her friends and family the safe space to share their best wishes for her- there are often tears of joy during these special ceremonies.  I look forward to hearing from you so I can help with this process.


Blessingway Support in Boulder                                                                                    2 hours
Consultation~  Walk client through Blessingway, sharing resources for planning and executing a Blessingway                                                                                                                       $150

2 hour Consultation + Presence at Blessingway~  Includes consultation and set-up of Blessingway including supplies for ceremony and crafts for mom and baby and providing many of the supplies- (3 hours)                                                                                                             $300

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