Balance with Reishi Mushrooms

I love daily self care like meditation and Reiki, yet it isn’t always happening in life to make the time for the self-care- by self-care I look at it as moving energy in the body and grounding energy in the body to stay healthy. I take one product line  daily that helps with my overall wellness, deep healing and ongoing balance. It is the best you can buy. My daughter also takes it daily and she stays very healthy.

I started taking Alphay blends of reishi (lingzhi) mushroom capsules in May 2015 and have experienced many positive changes in my own life, including a significant reduction of anxiety. Since then, I spent some time as part-time spokesperson for Alphay in order to share the most potent and pure medicinal mushroom line available anywhere. I am no longer building my team, but still love the product. Yes, it is a network marketing company, and yes, I can still hook you up if you are interested. I am not here to make a buck off of you or pressure you to join my team.

If you want the best blends of Reishi mushrooms available, I suggest you take the capsules regularly for 3 months. During those 3 months, I’m confident that you’ll see the shifts in your body, mind and emotional stability. Everyone has individual results, but ALL of the people I know who have committed to their wellness by taking these capsules have seen either allergies, digestive problems, inflammation, anxiety, hormone imbalances, effects of Lyme disease, or heart issues greatly improve. Please contact me if you want to order!

I stay healthy with alternative healing and wellness. I use Alphay capsules, Reiki, and energy work like acupuncture, daily meditation, essential oils, herbs and homeopathy to help balance the body so that it can function at its highest vibration and heal itself. The Alphay product line does exactly that, and the blends are simple, yet incredibly effective.

Alphay’s formulas (capsule blends) are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element philosophy, which I studied in graduate school at the Tai Sophia Institute.  The Five Element philosophy completely changed my health and life-path in January 2009. Because of my trust in this system, I started taking Alphay’s “Calm Your Mind” formula — a blend of Lingzhi mushroom, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, and Spine Date Seed in May 2015.

Reishi (Lingzhi) is known as the “Herb of Longevity”, used in many cultures for thousands of years, with many scientific studies being done currently. To me, it brings mental clarity, better sleep, more regulated menstrual cycle, better digestion and less frequent, less severe migraines. It’s like a mini Reiki or acupuncture treatment every day in a capsule form, helping to move and balance energy in the body, mind and spirit.  And it is not a coincidence that the mushroom that brings such balance is called Reishi (The herb of spiritual potency)… like Reiki (Spiritually guided life force energy).

After being part of the Alphay community, I know that Alphay is a direct sales company with deep integrity and mindful leadership. It’s fully aligned with my values of delivering holistic wellness from the inside out. I a currently not building my team for network marketing, as I am focusing on my Intuitive Reiki practice and teaching, but I still love this product, take it daily, and would still love to share it with anyone wanting to try this fantastic produce. If interested in ordering, Email me at to get started.


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