Alphay Team

If you have discovered for yourself the power of Alphay products for your wellness and balance, you might be interested in joining my team. Start by watching this 6-minute video to learn why Alphay is worth a strong consideration.


Me and one of my teammates, Jodi

By choosing to join Alphay as part of my business, I became part of a team of other visionary women. Contemporary work-life mix is no longer about “stay-with-one-company-and-move-your-way-up-until-you-retire” like it was for many of our parents. We are living in a world of entrepreneurs and possibility detectives focused on creating the life we imagine, with residual income, without working 60 hour weeks until we are 65 or older. Working with this team is inspiring and supportive — it’s a women’s circle of support — we delve into our fears around growing our business and support each other every step of the way.

As a mom and a woman who supports new moms, one of the most stressful and most common topics of discussion is the work-life mix.


Finding the work-life mix with friends during my 40th birthday

I have spoken to so many women who realize that they don’t want to go back to work full time because they don’t want to be away from their baby. Yet, there is such a fear and stigma in our culture that you have to keep climbing the ladder (especially as a woman) or you will never be successful. The reality is, there are so many more possibilities and models for bringing abundance into our lives, and these models offer flexible schedules. Many mothers want to work with other women, in a non-competitive, supportive, and caring environment. This business is that business and it is awesome! I feel part of an inspiring team and I’m supporting a company and product I believe in 100% and will continue to use for the rest of my life.

As an entrepreneur in the healing/energy profession, I know how time consuming it is to run a business on my own. Yet, it’s the work I love and it is incredible. Because I use my body in my job, if I’m sick I don’t get to work or get paid, and I can probably not count on continuing my work at this pace until I’m 80. This work is linear income and does not create residual income. Adding Alphay to my current business offers the possibility for residual income so that I don’t have to be as concerned with the ebbs and flows that are part of the client base and rent costs.

I will have extra cash flow to hire more support so that I can not only spend my days with clients but I can also travel the world with ease to show my daughter sea turtle nesting beaches, and spend our summers playing on the beaches in Costa Rica, while doing my Alphay work from wherever I am. I love working with Alphay and my team. I love how seamlessly it goes hand-in-hand with the values of my business, while also giving me a stronger immune system, mental clarity, emotional balance, and life-force energy. Maybe I will be giving Reiki classes and private Reiki sessions when I’m 80! But not because I have to!


My daughter and step-son enjoying a Colorado sunset


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