I have recently committed myself to talking more about and teaching more about the effects of addiction- I see it as an epidemic of our culture and I have experienced its effects, and learned to handle it better from an energetic perspective.

I am teaching a class, An Energetic Perspective on Addiction- a one- day workshop for people affected by the family disease of addiction- whether you have someone currently struggling with the disease or if the people are long passed away or not even in your life anymore. I originally named this class a Spiritual Perspective on Addiction….

I decided to change the name. I changed the name from Spiritual to Energetic.  A very good friend of mine who has been very affected by this family disease texted me when I told her about my class and said, “I just can’t do the spiritual stuff”.  Language is powerful- and I am aware of this- and this call to the word “spiritual” and how it can be a negative to some, was a good reminder. So, I decided to be more clear about my class by re-naming it Energetic- to bring clarity and hopefully not turn people away who could benefit from this class. 🙂


I have actually found that finding my own spirituality and connection with a higher power has helped me greatly in understanding and living with others and in a family affected by addiction, but this is not what this class is about. It really is so much of a way to look at addiction and how to take care of yourself, to find compassion for you and everyone in your life, and to set boundaries, through language and action, especially on the energetic level.

This workshop is an opportunity to sit in a circle with others, to learn some simple meditation and visualization tools through guided meditation. Time to reflect on yourself, time to share or not share. I create an anonymous, brave space to learn this new perspective, particularly around energy and being drained energetically by others in life.

I am teaching this workshop, and plan to continue a support group for people who take the workshop, because these tools made a profound impact on my own healing, my own ability to set boundaries and find compassion.

This can be a scary fucking thing to face- the shame, the denial, the craziness of this disease. I am here to work to break down this societal shame and blame. Join me.