Reiki and Energetic Boundaries

As Reiki 1 approaches in January, I am reflecting on what makes my Reiki classes unique and special. This is one of the reasons.

Tekla C. Ayers, Luz de la Luna

Why are boundaries important in Reiki?

Reiki attunement opens us to our deep intuition and energetic awareness, which can be powerful. While usually positive, these shifts in awareness can feel unfamiliar or unsettling for some people. Especially if we lack tools to help us ground ourselves in our own energy, practicing Reiki on clients can feel unstable. As I continue to teach Reiki, I hear more of this from students and other practitioners. I realize that it’s important for Reiki practitioners to have a collection of effective tools to support us when we are with clients so that we feel prepared and safe to be that open and sensitive. So, I now include these visualizations in my teaching as an added support for students and clients.

Energetic sensitive people or “empaths” can be overwhelmed after learning Reiki without these tools

For example, when I first started teaching Reiki, I had…

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