The Fall is my favorite time to teach Reiki classes- I teach them throughout the year, but there is something quite magical about introducing Reiki to my students in the fall, and this year Reiki 1 is “falling” on the weekend of the fall equinox. If you are on the fence to sign up or if Reiki is quietly calling to you, do it- register today .

The fall is the season of letting go- as the deciduous trees change colors and drop their leaves to the earth, there is a slowing down and letting go, a slow release and decay of what no longer serves, to nourish the earth and make room for new growth and new possibility. As I teach Reiki, I see this time and time again during the Reiki attunements- there is always a letting go of something for the student- and often times a clarity of what their next possibilities are.

Reiki 1 Fall equinox

As part of the letting go, it leaves room for the Reiki energy to be received, which is a transformative and life-changing time. This weekend is the perfect time if you are facing or in a transition, if you need to be more grounded, if you need a new tool for your toolbox for staying healthy and grounded in your body/mind/spirit. I am here to hold an amazing weekend for you- a weekend of nourishment, letting go, and renewal.

I don’t only teach Reiki 1, I share with you a variety of tools for grounding, setting energetic boundaries with other tools beyond Reiki, and a deep appreciation and connection with the energy of fall and the cycles of the seasons, and how we are connected to the energy of the seasons and Mother Earth.